The Writings of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Part of the “Never Too Late” Program
September 27, 2012 – 2 pm
Boston Public Library – Rabb Lecture Hall
700 Boylston Street, Boston

Frances Harper (1825-1911) wrote essays, poetry and letters exploring a variety of subjects, including a Cuban liberation leader, a South American chief, the Spanish American War, and The Czar of Russia, in addition to abolition, heroism, women’s suffrage, literacy, and biblical topics.

She published one of her first books in Boston, Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects, in 1854, with a preface by William Lloyd Garrison. The book sold 10,000 copies in three years.

There is also a comment in one of her speeches at the American Equal Rights Association, “that when she  was in Boston, there were sixty women who rose up and left work because one colored woman went to gain a livelihood in their midst.”
[Source:  African American Review, Winter 2009.]

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