Celebrating Women’s Courage

Meet and march with us at the commemoration of

The 1835 Women’s March of Courage

Tuesday, October 23, 2012  •  5:30 p.m.
Meet: Suffolk University, 73 Tremont St., Conference/Classroom
March: along Tremont street to West Street

Maria Weston Chapman

Many historians tell the story of the 1835 Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society meeting
where an angry anti-abolition crowd almost lynched William Lloyd Garrison. Often left out is what the women did that day.

The Mayor advised the women that he could not provide protection and urged them to cancel their meeting. Determined to continue their anti-slavery work, Maria Weston Chapman and Mary Parker led the women, black and white, arm-in-arm through that angry crowd six blocks down Washington Street, to hold their meeting at the home of Maria Weston Chapman, on West Street.

Dr. Loretta Williams,  Educator/Activist
Horace Seldon, Garrison scholar, will tell of the 1835 “Reign of Terror”
Anti-Slavery women of today will give personal testimony

Following the speeches, we will actually “walk the walk,” tracing the “march” of those amazing women! Join us in remembering this remarkable moment in women’s and abolition history. To sign up ahead and for more information:contact Horace Seldon.